D-Day: The Dawn of a Fully Armed GM Network

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4 min readMay 28, 2024


D-Day has dawned, heralding a groundbreaking milestone in the evolution of the GM Network. After months of diligent efforts and strategic planning, GM Network is now fully armed and operational, ready to revolutionize the decentralized world.

This day is not just a celebration of what has been accomplished, but also an invitation to explore the future that GM Network envisions and is committed to building.

In this article, we will unveil the whitepaper and documentation, along with a brief introduction to the fundamental components of the GM Network.

Unveiling the Docs and Whitepaper: The Blueprint of DePIN+AI

In conjunction with D-Day, we are thrilled to introduce the comprehensive documentation and whitepaper that outline our mission, vision, and the methodologies we employ to achieve our goals with AI&DePIN. These documents are pivotal for understanding the technological and philosophical underpinnings of GM Network.

The documentation serves as an encyclopedia for the GM Network, delves deep into what GM Network is, presenting a clear and detailed account of our intentions and strategies. It includes instructions on navigating the GM Ecosystem, along with a comprehensive roadmap and valuable resources, making it an essential resource for understanding the full scope and potential of our network.

The whitepaper offers an extensive overview of our components, providing detailed introductions and insights into each one. It serves as a manifesto for the future of decentralized infrastructure, outlining our commitment to innovation and growth.

Docs: https://docs.gmnetwork.ai/docs
Whitepaper: https://gmnetwork.ai/whitepaper

The First AI+Health Wearable Released, Showcasing the Comprehensive GM Ecosystem

The recent release of GM Network’s first AI+Health wearable device, the Yozoo Y-2, marks the inaugural showcase of the GM Ecosystem, enhancing its completeness.

The Yozoo Y-2 is the first smart wristband integrated with Web3 features, in addition to its core health+AI monitoring capabilities. It is now available for purchase at GM Launchpad.

The GM Network is continually expanding its lineup of smart devices to create a more interconnected and intelligent ecosystem. Among the exciting future releases is Lucy, the Personal AI Voice Companion. Lucy’s intuitive voice interactions will bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to users, further solidifying GM’s commitment to innovation.

Stay tuned for these and other cutting-edge products from GM Network, as they continue to drive the future of smart living.

Yozoo: https://x.com/GMYozoo
GM Studio: https://x.com/GMStudioTech

Embrace the Rise of the Brand New GM

As D-Day dawns, we celebrate the readiness and resilience of the GM Network. This is the moment where all our preparations culminate into a fully functional, sophisticated system that is set to make a substantial impact in the world of decentralized infrastructure.

GM Network is an innovation developed by GM Labs, aiming to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual worlds. It is an AVS L2 designed for AI-powered consumer DePIN. Developed in collaboration with AltLayer & EigenLayer, GM Network represents a leap forward in the integration of AI and Web3 technologies.

As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, GM Network is poised to be a significant player, generating real-world data through smart devices and electric vehicles, and offering new interaction methods and entry points for AI.

The GM Ecosystem is built on a robust foundation composed of several critical components and decentralized applications, each designed to play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

  • GM Network is a robust AVS Layer 2 blockchain supported by AltLayer and EigenLayer, designed for AI-powered consumer DePIN with OP Stack and EigenDA, providing secure, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain services.
  • GM ID is a modular solution combining Passkey, Account Abstraction, and DID, enhancing accessibility and integration across platforms.
  • GM OS is an open platform securing and standardizing on-chain and off-chain data for AI training.
  • GM Launchpad, an IDO platform for DePIN devices and NFTs.
  • GM AI is a consumer-focused AI application leveraging GM ID and Network for mining operations.
  • QuestN is a data quest platform driving community growth with over 10 million unique addresses and widespread user engagement.

*More detailed in the docs and whitepaper

We invite you to embrace this new era, explore the capabilities of our platform, and join us in our journey as the brand-new GM Network rises and soars to unprecedented heights.

Welcome to the future of DePIN and AI, welcome to the GM Network.

Stay tuned!

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