Deciphering GM Network: Exploring its Significance and Functionality

GM Network
3 min readMar 19, 2024


GM Network is The first Gasless Modular L2 and Components of DePIN dedicated to generating personal AI Agents, Built on Ethereum by AltLayer & OPStack & EigenLayer.

In this exploration, we delve into the intricacies of GM Network, deciphering its significance and unravelling the depths of its functionality.

Unveiling GM Network: Pioneering Decentralized Integration

GM Network is the first modular L2 and component system designed specifically for DePIN within the Ethereum ecosystem. The entire GM Network ecosystem comprises GM Chain, GM ID, GM Launchpad, GM OS, and GM AI.

GM Chain, in collaboration with AltLayer and Eigenlayer, is built on the OP Stack framework, tailored to serve DePIN projects, offering inherent features such as ReStaking and gasless transactions.

With GM Chain serving as the cornerstone, GM Network embarks on a journey to redefine decentralized integration, propelling DePIN into new realms of possibility within the Ethereum landscape.

What Solutions does GM Network Offer?

Our project, GM Network, addresses the specific challenge of accelerating the integration of DePIN into the Ethereum ecosystem. As the first modular L2 and component system designed specifically for the DePIN project on EVM, GM Network provides a foundational framework for the seamless adoption and utilization of DePIN functionalities within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Through the innovative architecture of GM Network, we embark on a journey to harness the vast reservoirs of data pulsating within the DePIN network. By leveraging this wealth of information, our strategic approach revolves around the creation of personalized AI agents tailored explicitly to individual users’ preferences and needs.

This strategic approach not only facilitates the efficient integration of DePIN into Ethereum but also unlocks new possibilities for personalized AI-driven experiences tailored to individual users’ preferences and needs.

Fostering Technological Foundation: AltLayer Collaboration and GM Network’s Integral Components

Our solution leverages a collaborative effort with AltLayer to provide the foundational technological support necessary for the GM Network initiative. AltLayer contributes its expertise in developing the GM Chain, which is constructed upon the OP Stack and Eigenlayer frameworks.

The GM Chain is specifically engineered to accommodate the unique requirements of DePIN projects, offering inherent features such as ReStaking and gasless transactions. This infrastructure is pivotal in facilitating the seamless migration of DePIN projects build on EVM onto the GM Chain.

GM Launchpad, serves as a Web3 Kickstarter specifically designed to support DePIN devices and NFTs through Initial DePIN Offerings (IDO). It is the first Launchpad dedicated to DePIN and AI projects, offering superior conditions for DePIN projects to kickstart their initiatives.

From the user’s perspective, GM Chain introduces a user-friendly passkey and Account Abstraction (AA) wallet system, complemented by the gasless transaction capability. This streamlined user experience removes barriers to entry, accelerating the progress towards mass adoption of the DePIN ecosystem.

Additionally, GM ID plays a crucial role by utilizing individual user data generated within the GM Network to create personalized AI agents tailored to each user’s unique characteristics and preferences. This innovative approach ensures that users benefit from customized AI-driven experiences that anticipate and meet their evolving needs in the digital landscape.

With each milestone reached, GM Network continues to assert its pivotal role as a driving force behind innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem. By progressively integrating DePIN with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), GM Network paves the way for a future where decentralized applications seamlessly harness the power of AI.

As GM Network continues its journey, it unlocks a realm of endless possibilities for both users and developers.



GM Network

The First Consumer AIoT Network Powered by AltLayer & EigenLayer