Greetings CyberV: A Futuristic NFT Series by GM Network

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3 min readMar 20, 2024


TLDR: CyberV stands as the inaugural and most pivotal NFT within the GM Network ecosystem. Holding CyberV grants users access to a plethora of benefits across the entire GM Network ecosystem in the future, including various airdrops, discounts, and other privileges.

Embracing the AI Era: Shaping Personalized Experiences with CyberV

With the advancement of society, people’s lives are becoming increasingly intelligent. With the emergence of ChatGPT and Sora, we can anticipate the imminent arrival of an era where people fully immerse themselves in the AI world. As the AI era approaches, would you like a personalized AI agent that understands you better, making it your representation in the AI world?

GM Network aims to harness DePIN’s data to craft personalized AI agents. Through ongoing data input from modular components, GM Network refines AI agents to match individual preferences.

CyberV serves as the precursor to each individual’s exclusive AI agent. By introducing CyberV, GM Network aims to incentivize participation and foster a vibrant ecosystem where users are rewarded for their contributions and commitments.

CyberV Mint Details

Total Supply: 2,077 units

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: April 2, 2024

Mint Time: 1:00 PM UTC+0

Mint Round: WL Round / Public Round

CyberV NFT Utility

  • Limited-Edition Genesis CyberV Avatar

Acquire an exclusive Genesis CyberV Avatar, a rare and coveted digital collectible that represents your entry into the CyberV NFT ecosystem. This limited-edition avatar showcases unique design elements and is a symbol of prestige within the community.

  • GM Network Airdrops for CyberV Holders

Holders of CyberV NFTs will receive exclusive airdrops from the GM Network ecosystem. These airdrops may include tokens, rewards, or other valuable assets, providing additional incentives and benefits to CyberV holders for their continued participation and support.

  • GM Network Mining Bonus

CyberV NFT holders will enjoy additional mining bonuses when participating in the upcoming GM Network mining activities.

  • Rare GMID Unlocking

Unlocking your rare GM ID, a unique digital identity generated by the GM Network, upon its launch. Your GM ID serves as your gateway to various services, features, and opportunities within the GM ecosystem, empowering you to engage with the platform seamlessly and securely.

  • DePIN Hardware Airdrop on GM Launchpad

Receive a complimentary DePIN hardware device through an exclusive airdrop event on the upcoming GM Launchpad.

  • Exclusive Discounts on GM Launchpad

Enjoy exclusive discounts and preferential rates on products available on the GM Launchpad. These discounts are reserved for CyberV NFT holders.

  • Early Access to GM AI

Be among the first to experience GM AI, an innovative artificial intelligence platform developed by the GM Network. As a CyberV NFT holder, you’ll gain early access to cutting-edge AI technologies, tools, and services, enabling you to explore, experiment, and innovate in the realm of artificial intelligence.

How to Obtain Whitelist Access

Stay tuned to GM Network’s official channels for periodic whitelist announcements. In addition to official channels, GM Network collaborates with partners, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), communities, and other channels to distribute whitelist access.

Can I Participate in the MINT Without Whitelist Access?

Yes, absolutely. The MINT for CyberV is divided into whitelist rounds and public rounds. After the whitelist round concludes, any remaining NFTs will be available for minting in the public round, open to everyone.

CyberV stands as more than just a digital collectible; it embodies the essence of innovation and opportunity within the GM Network ecosystem.

With its promise of exclusive benefits and privileges for holders, CyberV paves the way for a new era of engagement and participation.



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