Mission Season 1: Dawn Breakers — Event Guide

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3 min readMay 10, 2024


In a world once ruled by the conventional laws of physics, a new era dawned with the advent of AI-powered DePIN. The upgraded sun shone brighter, signaling a new beginning.

GN will serve as the point token of the entire GM Network ecosystem, obtainable through various means. Gathering GN as much as possible to prepare for obtaining GM in the future.

P.S. The GN rewards for each season may be subject to updates based on the current situation.

Event Details


May 10, 2024 → June 10, 2024

Participation Guide

  1. Connect Your Wallet

2.Enter your Invite Code, you may obtain this via our Discord or Twitter

You can increase your GNs via several methods:

  1. Airdrops: Regular participation in GM Network community activities can earn you GN airdrops.
  2. Sign-ins: Continuous sign-ins earn you more GNs.
  3. Tasks: Timed, permanent, and cyclic tasks can earn you GNs. The more tasks you complete, the more GNs you earn.
  4. Staking AI Agent for mining: Create your AI Agent for free and start your GN mining journey. If your AI Agent is a CyberV, you will receive preferential treatment and earn more GNs.
  5. Wearable Gears (not yet available)
  6. Leveling up (not yet available)
  7. DePIN mining (not yet available)

To maximize your GNs, stake CyberV and stay closely connected with GM Network official activities.

Accumulation and Consumption of GNs

  • GNs accumulate every season. Tracking each season can earn you more GNs.
  • GNs have usage scenarios wherethey can be utilized to obtain other items (not yet available).
  • In the future, GNs can be airdropped with GM Network’s governance token $GM.

Invitation Rules

Our Mission platform incorporates an invitation system that allows the inviter to gain an additional 3% of the GN points accumulated by their direct invitees (first-level) and 1% of the GN points accumulated by their indirect invitees (second-level).


User A invites User B to participate in Mission. If User B successfully accumulates 100 GN, User A is then entitled to an additional 3 GN (equivalent to 3% of 100 GN). Subsequently, if User B invites User C, and User C accumulates 200 GN, User B is awarded an additional 6 GN (3% of 200 GN), while User A receives 2 GN (1% of 200 GN) as a reward for the indirect invitation.


1. Can I participate without a CyberV?

Yes, you can, but having a CyberV will earn you GNs faster.

2. Do I have to create an AI Agent?

Yes, creating an AI Agent is a prerequisite for GN mining.

3. How many levels does an AI Agent have?

There are five levels: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. CyberV is the highest level, Orange.

4. What level is the AI Agent I created?

Most likely White, but there might be surprises with Green or Blue.

5. What does the AI Agent level affect?

It affects daily GN mining output. The higher the level, the more GNs you can earn daily.

6. What is the use of GN?

GN is the ecosystem points of the GM Network and serves as a certificate of user participation in the ecosystem buidling. Accumulating as many GN as possible prepares you for obtaining GM in the future.

7. Wen Token?

Hang tight — we’re just as eager as you are!

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