Pioneering the Future of AI and Web3: Gonesis AI Joins GM Network’s Ecosystem

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3 min readJun 5, 2024

Gonesis AI is joining GM Network’s ecosystem, marking a significant step forward in the integration of AI and Web3 technologies.

Synergy in the Ecosystem: Gonesis AI Joins GM Network

In this strategic partnership, Gonesis AI will join GM Network’s ecosystem, and deploy on GM Network’s Layer 2. This integration will enable both sides to leverage each other’s strengths, creating a robust platform for the development and deployment of AI and IoT applications.
Additionally, Gonesis C1’s presale collaboration on GM Launchpad is set to further solidify this partnership, providing a unique opportunity for early adopters and developers to engage with the burgeoning AI and Web3 community.

Gonesis C1

Enhanced Synergy and Innovation

GM Network’s expertise in AIoT and real-world data generation from smart devices complements Gonesis AI’s decentralized AI solutions. This synergy will drive innovation, creating a more robust and dynamic ecosystem for both sides.

Expanded Reach and Adoption

GM Network’s existing infrastructure and market presence provide Gonesis AI with a powerful platform to reach a broader audience. This partnership will accelerate the adoption of Gonesis AI’s AI solutions among consumers.
Joining GM Network allows Gonesis AI to contribute to and benefit from a growing ecosystem, fostering a community of developers, users, and innovators who are committed to advancing AI and Web3 technologies.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

Gonesis AI’s focus on decentralized AI agents and DePIN aligns perfectly with GM Network’s commitment to security and transparency. This partnership ensures that AI applications developed within the ecosystem are more secure and trustworthy.

Innovative Product Offerings

Integrating the AI721 protocol will enable unique AI-enhanced NFTs, providing users with interactive, functional, and valuable digital assets. By partnering with GM Network, Gonesis AI positions itself at the forefront of the AI and Web3 revolution, showcasing its technology and innovation.
The Gonesis Chat Application’s Talk-to-Earn feature will be amplified by GM Network’s data capabilities, encouraging user engagement and driving the use of AI to solve real-world problems.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

GM Network’s scalable Layer 2 solutions provide a robust foundation for Gonesis AI’s decentralized AI network, ensuring that it can handle increasing demand and complex applications.
Leveraging GM Network’s real-world data generation capabilities enhances Gonesis AI’s AI models, leading to more accurate and effective AI solutions.

Introducing Gonesis AI: Transforming AI with Decentralization

Gonesis AI is at the forefront of building a decentralized AI agents network, leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) to enhance AI security, transparency, and transferability.

The introduction of the AI721 protocol by Gonesis AI extends the capabilities of ERC721, enabling NFTs to transform into interactive AI agents that users can engage with for daily needs and earn tokens.

Key highlights of Gonesis AI’s offerings include:

  • AI721 Protocol: Expanding AI capabilities for ERC721 tokens.
  • Gonesis Traveler: A collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs, marking the first AI721 NFT collection.
  • Gonesis Chat Application: Featuring a Talk-to-Earn model that incentivizes users to interact with AI agents, solving real-world problems and driving the adoption of AI and Web3 technologies.
  • Gonesis C1: A next-generation portable AI device that integrates seamlessly with DePIN.

A Vision for the Future

The collaboration between GM Network and Gonesis AI signifies a major step towards the large-scale adoption of AI and Web3 technologies in the consumer market. By combining GM Network’s AIoT capabilities with Gonesis AI’s decentralized AI solutions, this partnership aims to foster a habit of using AI to solve everyday problems, driving innovation and growth in the digital economy.

About GM Network

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As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, GM Network connects AI with IoT, and aims to become the largest Incentive and Communication Layer connecting the real and virtual worlds.

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