Revolutionizing Decentralized Computing: GM Network Partners with PADO for Next-Gen Data Security and AI Initiatives

GM Network
Apr 11, 2024

Welcome aboard, @padolabs! 🌟 Thrilled to have you join the GM Network Ecosystem.

🌐 Introducing a groundbreaking partnership between GM Network and PADO! 🤝

Meet PADO, the world’s first zkFHE Decentralized Computation Network. We’re teaming up with PADO, bringing forth a synergy that promises to reshape the landscape of decentralized computing and AI.

PADO joins GM Network’s ecosystem, providing crucial data services and attestation. With PADO’s zkFHE technology, data privacy and security are paramount, laying a robust foundation for decentralized AI initiatives.

The collaboration goes further as the data within GM Network’s ecosystem finds a secure home on-chain through PADO. This move is set to accelerate decentralized AI training, fueling innovation and scalability within the realm of AI-driven decentralized applications.