Why Does GM Network Consider DePIN+AI as 2024’s Potent Pair?

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4 min readFeb 29, 2024


Embracing the Future: The Transformative Alliance of DePIN and AI

“We are predicting that DePIN and AI, together will be the ‘Potent Pair’ for this year and the years to come.” Said Chess, Co-founder and CEO of GM Network.

In 2023, DePINs began gaining traction globally as major manufacturers embraced the integration of physical infrastructure with blockchain technology. According to Messari, a digital asset marketing intelligence firm, the current DePIN market valuation stands at nearly $2.2 trillion, with projections indicating a potential increase to $3.5 trillion within the next four years.

Decoding DePIN: What You Need to Know

DePIN stands for “Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks”, which use blockchains and token rewards to develop physical infrastructure in the real world across fields such as transport, energy, and wireless connectivity.
Solana has established a significant DePIN Market Cap of approximately $2.4 billion and has emerged as a preferred platform for prominent projects such as Helium, io.net, Teleport, Hivemappers, and numerous others.
In a broad sense, DePIN projects fall into three categories: Physical Resource Networks (such as sensor and wireless technologies), Digital Resource Networks (encompassing computing, bandwidth, AI, and storage), and DePIN Modules.
The DePIN field encompasses a wide array of areas and is continually evolving. Within this domain, we can observe a clear scope of real-world applications being actively adopted and implemented.


The convergence of AI and DePIN marks a synergistic advancement, reshaping the terrain of infrastructure development. Within the Web3 framework, the amalgamation of AI and DePIN establishes a vibrant ecosystem wherein the cognitive prowess of AI seamlessly interfaces with decentralized physical infrastructure, offering a more autonomous and equitable web experience.
This collaborative endeavor harnesses the respective strengths of both technologies, with AI lending its intelligence while DePIN furnishes the decentralized and incentive-oriented framework essential for infrastructure growth.
Chess of GM Network calls the seamless integration of DePIN and AI a ‘Flawless Union’ set to drive revolutionary changes in 2024. As the synergy between AI and DePIN continues to unfold, we find ourselves at the cusp of a new dawn in the evolution of the digital realm.

Why is DePIN+AI the most promising track in 2024?

Physical infrastructure has historically been dominated by major tech conglomerates, with high costs deterring smaller players. DePIN offers cost savings, scalability, incentives for contributors, and improved security. The symbiosis of AI and DePIN signals a paradigm shift towards smarter, decentralized technology. This alliance promises a future characterized by heightened intelligence, decentralization, and equity in technology.

Since the last bull market, there has been notable growth in DePIN and AI across lucrative sectors including AI/ML, 5G, Vehicle, Map, and more.

  • The global market for machine learning (ML) was projected to expand from $26.03 billion in 2023 to $225.91 billion by 2030. Within the Web3 landscape, the AI/ML potential is centered around data, computing, and models.
  • The worldwide 5G market reached a valuation of USD 84.31 billion in 2023. DePIN 5G initiatives strive to construct decentralized and cost-effective networks through the utilization of small cells, free spectrum bands in the U.S., and eSIM cards.
  • The vehicle market is forecasted to increase from USD 145.24 billion in 2023. DePIN vehicle networks collect data through specialized hardware and software, offering valuable insights for insurance, maintenance, fuel, and other industries.
  • The global ride-hailing service market attained a value of US$ 176.6 billion in 2023. DePIN hailing services disrupt the ride-sharing market by leveraging tokens to stimulate growth, providing equitable pricing and reduced transaction fees compared to Web2 intermediaries.
  • The global digital map market was estimated at USD 18.18 billion in 2022. DePIN map projects tackle issues such as data fragmentation and over-reliance on major tech firms by incentivizing community contributions with tokens, thereby promoting an equitable data-sharing model.

In contrast to numerous other crypto sectors, the DePIN model has already demonstrated its revenue-generating capabilities. With an annual on-chain revenue exceeding $15 million, DePIN is poised for rapid expansion in the forthcoming years.

GM Network: Pioneering DePIN+AI Integration for Infrastructure Advancement

The integration of AI technology with DePIN marks a pioneering advancement in infrastructure development. GM Network is poised to enter the realm of DePIN+AI, encompassing a comprehensive ecosystem featuring GM infrastructures (to be announced).

The primary strategic focus of GM Network is to establish a closed-loop ecosystem by integrating DePIN+AI, thereby constructing a comprehensive closed-loop system spanning Chain+ID+App. Positioned as the foundational infrastructure and pivotal ecosystem for humanity’s journey towards CyberPunk, GM Network envisions leveraging DePIN+AI to propel progress in this direction.



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